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And eventually Nick is gonna come to you and you'll tuck him in under his blankie and--" Jess defends herself and when Julia replies angrily "I don't like you.And I don't want to be your friend, so." Jess starts to cry. GYN friend so he can have a free consultation about his injury. " and he repeats that she shouldn't speak at his funeral and she just says "okay" to appease him, but he also says that she doesn't know how to be real. When the others are rapping and singing the "saddest song in the world," Jess says, "Nick Miller, Nick Miller, never does anything" with a deadpan look to get "real." She asks Nick if there was anything he's always wanted to do. She asks him if he's okay and he yells that he is 'not ok' about finding out if he has cancer tomorrow. He says that he's not going to remember anything that happened that night the next day.At the time he is annoyed and makes fun of her singing, however at a party he takes her advice on board and asks Caroline - Nick's ex-girlfriend - why she dumped him.

Tomatoes In 'Tomatoes ' Jess breaks up with her boyfriend, Russell , claiming that she wants passion (which they don't have) - 'even if it's harder and hurts more.' She comes home to see that Caroline is there, and she and Nick have a fight, and at one point Jess appears to sense some sort of 'passion'.Thanksgiving Nick doesn't get on with Paul , the guy Jess is trying to impress in 'Thanksgiving ', and this prompts him to wonder if something was going on between Jess and Nick.Jess & Julia Nick's new girlfriend Julia doesn't like Jess.Jess is upset and after talking with Cece and her other friend.Cece and the other girl are really angry with Julia. But when Jess says Julia asked her about Nick and he shuts up.

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