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Madam i am writing you on behalf of Mr John Rogers funds on shipment,i am Diplomat frank Hernandez,delivery agent at Global Trust Delivery Service. Delay Charges per 24hours: 120 GBP Madam you can make the payment via Money gram to the following recipient, Recipient Name: Rooney Antonio.Thanks Isabel Novales Letter 7 Good day, I didn't get the email you sent, Please check and resend it.On September 20, 1699, John Rogers^2, the son of John Rogers^1 of Marshfield, gave a deposition before the Justices of the Court at Plymouth, that, in or about the year 1647, his father, John Rogers, lived in Scituate on a lot of land between the land of Thomas Hicks and the land of John Stockbridge, adjoining Hicks's swamp; and about the year 1647, “my father John Rogers aforesaid, being about to move out of said Scituate” (in effect) sold his house and land to Thomas Simons, “and my father removed out of Scituate about the time aforesaid, and I lived with him many years and never heard him lay any claim to said land after he removed from it.” Plym. exequitrix" The witnesses were Anthony Eames, William Maycumber, Mark Eames and Richard Beare, the last signing by a mark.The will "was exhibited to the Court held att Plymouth" 5 June; 1661, "on the oath of Ensigne Marke Eames;" "The Inventory of the goods and Chattles of John Rogers senr of Marshfild late Deceased exhibited att the Court held att Plymouth the fift of June 1661 on the oath of ffrancis Rogers; Marshfeild in New Plymouth in America Anno 1661 (The Mayflower Descendant - Vol.Their son, John, was born in 1632 or 1633, in all human probability before they left England.

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Here’s what Anderson says about Robert Watson in The Great Migration Begins: “Various secondary sources claim a Robert Watson, immigrant of 1632 to Plymouth, as brother of JOHN WATSON of Roxbury and father of GEORGE WATSON of Plymouth and of several other later immigrants [ Windsor Hist 6; Bassett-Preston 311; Snow-Estes 2].

This family construct should be rejected totally, as there is no evidence in Plymouth or elsewhere in New England for such a Robert, or for any connection between John Watson and George Watson.

An assignmnet of a servant by ‘Elizabeth Watson, widow, ...

unto Thomas Watson,’ on 8 November 1638 [ PCR 2], is cited in partial support of this claim, but this record says nothing about a Robert, nor does it connect to records of the other Watson immigrants.”From John Rogers of Marshfield: The family name of his wife, Frances, has not been discovered, nor the date of their marriage.

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