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One of Caitlin's top priorities, upon moving to Erinsborough, was to find a boyfriend and she set her sights on Billy, her training partner at the pool.

Speaking of his decision to leave, Spencer said "I'd been in Neighbours for five years and I'd had enough.

A Grundy Television spokesperson commented "When it comes to the crunch Billy can't go through with it.

Melissa flees in tears and Billy is convinced she will want nothing to do with him after his flop in bed." Billy became the centre of a love triangle following the arrival of Caitlin Atkins (Emily Milburn).

When Amy Greenwood (Jacinta Stapleton) arrives and the Wilkinson twins, Lance (Andrew Bibby) and Anne (Brooke Satchwell), a new group of friends is born.

Billy and Anne fall in love with some help from Lance and Toadie and they became inseparable.

Spencer was glad that his character was given a girlfriend, saying "It's about time. Getting a girlfriend should help him become a bit more mature.

He's not going to be the naive country boy any longer.

" and "Who has Jennifer Love Hewitt hooked-up with?Read more about the history and background of the international and statewide campaign here. Who Jennifer Love Hewitt dated; list of Jennifer Love Hewitt loves, ex boyfriends; breakup rumors.The storylines were boring and I wasn't enjoying it any more.When I said I was leaving, I hoped they would make Bill's departure interesting - but he just moves away from Erinsborough, there's no drama to it.

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