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Michelle alleged that he abused her, the record exec has blasted her as a liar and says though they did have fights, he only restrained her when she hit him! Memphitz was the Vice President of the A&R department at Jive Records after leaving Arista. Late night studio sessions led them to begin mixing business with pleasure.

Check out TT Torrez's highlights: On how Memphitz and K. Memphitz said he shouldn't have gotten involved with his artist but he did.

Memphitz called into TT Torrez's radio show recently where he gave a detailed account of his relationship with K. He discussed signing her to his label, falling in love with her and some of her violent outbursts which forced him to "restrain" her. Memphitz has taken to publically defending himself against accusations made by reality tv star K.

Michelle, who stars on VH1's "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta." Since K. Michelle sang for him for the first time, he said he was blown away and HAD to sign her. Michelle, he would have her travel with him to sing for everyone.

In addition to explaining our fascination with professional sports and action movies, that penchant can also explain modern-day hip-hop's popularity with a mainstream audience. Michelle and Hi Tz Committee chief/Jive A&R Mickey "Memp Hi Tz" Wright. Michelle said: Memphitz physically abused her (as many a man has done in her life-you'd think such a "businessman" would be smarter) and spent the ENTIRE budget for her debut album "Pain Medicine" on his new girlfriend, Toya Carter (best known as Lil' Wayne's ex-wife and mother of his 12-year old daughter Reginae).

While the most entertaining aspect is still the "beefs" (which made 50 Cent a household name), a close second is when the artists get fed up with their label bosses and struggle to break free of their contracts so they can pack their bags and go elsewhere (see Clipse vs. The facts: Despite being signed to Hi Tz/Jive for over a year and releasing three of Michelle's singles ("Self Made" ft. Missy Elliott, and "Fallin'"), neither of these got pushed very much by Hitz, preferring to promote the dime-a-dozen Party Boyz ("Flex" & "Daddy Stroke") as well as across-the-pond MC Master Shortee ("Bring It Back"). Memphitz said: Not much, he was just gloating at being the label boss, at refusing to release K. Wright apparently never wanted that, but gave it a shot anyway.

He said things started happening between them that caused the relationship to turn sour.

If Memphitz would listen to another female artist, K. He said he was very fond of K but she was more in love with him than he was with her.

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Michelle was signed for about 0,000, not million. Smith entered a whirlwind romance and lived it out on Twitter with pictures of them together at clubs and such. dumped the R&B songstress publicly on Twitter saying: "Thats not my girl! was Lance Stephenson—chimed in by leaving a comment on K. Smith) have gotten caught using social media during games in the past, but none have left long comments like the one Stephenson left. Michelle that Stephenson’s account was hacked last night. Michelle said she suspected that was the case because Stephenson “would never use that many emojis” in a comment.Michelle’s post about how it sounds like she’s trying to be like Nicki Minaj (Nicki added two verses to Gotti’s single last week). Here’s her post: If it feels like this is all just one big publicity stunt, that’s because it very well could be.

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