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You can also move around the island, questioning the locals and finding clues, as well as picking up items which you can give to Haruto to keep him amused in his jail cell.

As shown in the screenshot below, you could send him a nice lamp to help decorate his bare-bones living space.

Romance apps for girls and women are making big bucks in Japan’s already lucrative mobile gaming industry, combining beautiful artwork with heart-pounding stories and plenty of interactivity.

Capcom’s most recent effort, the undeniably beautiful-looking “Toraware no Paruma”, or “Incarcerated Palm”, foregoes the usual girl-meets-boy angle for something a little bit more salacious.

And unfortunately, there’s no free-to-play prologue, so you’ll have to take a gamble on whether or not it’s worth your coins to try it out.

Still, the artwork looks beautiful, the voice acting is silky smooth, and the premise is quite novel and fresh…if a bit on the amoral side.

Dress up, head out, and stay in the shadows as you go looking for love in all the nug places.

A new town means new opportunities for a nug looking to make their mark.

Forge alliances, build a burrow, and nug the nug out. Danger is everywhere, but so is fun Meet more than 472 unique nugs, each with their own style and personality.

Learn to love, and lose, and love again on your journey to A rare gem.

I never thought I would find myself so emotionally invested in the lives of little pink, furless bunnies, but Bio Ware has really outdone themselves.

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