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But is she curious enough to sign away her body to a stranger?

Continue: Fifty Shades Of Grey - Extended Trailer Anastasia Steele is a shy college student who is forced to interview an enigmatic entrepreneur named Christian Grey.

Continue: Fifty Shades Of Grey - Fairy Tale TV Spot Trailer Budding journalist and college student Anastasia Steele has never been the adventurous type in any respect, so when she is faced with the prospect of interviewing the handsome and frighteningly mysterious young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she is more than a little nervous.

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Steele meets with the illusive, enigmatic and intimidating young billionaire businessman, Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), and almost immediately finds herself wildly attracted to him.

After all the hype, it's impossible not to expect steam from this adaptation of E. James' mommy-porn bestseller, but the average episode of Red Shoe Diaries is friskier than this movie.

Still, it's a well written and played drama, building an unusual romance with a series of scenes that are sometimes sexy but never actually transgressive.

Anastasia is flattered, but soon realises that this guy isn't the sort to take her to take her out for romantic meals or shower her with gifts.

Nonetheless, he is an enigmatic presence in her life that she cannot hope to resist, and she soon finds herself treading deeper and deeper into this man's life.

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