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But she was in what’s considered the most treacherous part of the trail.People familiar with hiking and search and rescue along Maine’s section of the Appalachian Trail say it takes only a few missteps for a hiker to get lost.In October 2015, her remains were found in her sleeping bag zipped inside of her tent at a campsite she had set up about 2 miles from the trail on U. “It’s tough when you have cleared all the logical areas,” Guay said.“It’s a tough call to make; no one likes to make it.Searchers find lost hikers within 12 hours 95 percent of the time, and within 24 hours in 98 percent of the cases.

Largay was relying on her Samsung cellphone to keep in touch with her husband, who met her every few days with supplies.

You kind of come to a point, statistically, where you’re spinning your wheels.” LOST CONNECTIONS Every year, about 28 Appalachian Trail hikers get lost in Maine, Lt.

Kevin Adam of the Maine Warden Service said shortly after Largay was reported missing.

Guay said when people get lost, they should find an open area and try to “catch an eye” from the air by making a fire or spell the word “help” with fir boughs.

The report documented attempts that Largay made to start a fire at her campsite. Unfortunately, if you’re not moving and you’re not trying to help yourself be found, (rescuers) would have to come right onto you to find you,” Guay said.

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