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At the new Pastor’s request, the Tabernacle church soon employed Georgia Barrett to do the missionary work among the “down-and-outs.” When Dr.

Broughton was asked how he planned to build a hospital, he responded, “With sick people and the command of Christ to heal the sick.” In 1913 the Georgia Baptist Convention purchased the Infirmary and named it Georgia Baptist Hospital.

(At the most active point in the Health Care System history, six hospitals and four skilled nursing facilities joined Level One emergency trauma, coronary, surgical and neonatal intensive care, fitness facilities, and assisted living residences to offer a full continuum of care.) That heartbeat and mission continue to reverberate through the efforts of the Georgia Baptist Health Care Ministry Foundation.

With the endowment established after the sale of the hospitals and physical assets owned by the Georgia Baptist Health Care System, GBHCMF supports programs that strengthen the health of people and their communities.

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The first coronary care unit was opened in Atlanta on the fourth floor of the North Tower, and in 1970 Georgia Baptist founded the Southeast’s first and the country’s third Cardiac Rehabilitation Program.

In 1974 a ten-story patient tower was completed, which included 523 patient beds plus 43 infant beds.

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