Us army airborne graudating class photos

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I think it can equally be said that so-called “elite” military units are the NFL for guys who lack the size or athletic ability to play in the NFL.

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In recent years, as more military stuff appeared on such cable channels as the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and Military Channel, I have become concerned that the public is getting a misleading impression about a bunch of military stuff.

I get the impression that civilian parachute schools only take a couple of days, albeit with one-on-one instruction.

On page 61 of his book The Unforgiving Minute, airborne, ranger, West Point graduate and Rhodes Scholar Craig Mullaney says, On 4/12/08, my oldest son and his wife became “airborne” in a civilian sort of way.

At that time, I was a West Point cadet on what civilians would call an internship and had not yet attended jump school.

In July, 1966, I was in an artillery battalion of the 101st Airborne Division at Fort Campbell, KY.

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