Updating textmate bundles

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I'm starting to think it's probably best to just search Git Hub for ".tmbundle" to find the stuff and install it by hand. Is any method better than the others for staying on top of your installed bundles?

Get Bundles (with the 's') seems to be the way most everyone is doing it.

Granted, Text Mate is not the first text editor which tries to be broad, but from Apple we get the venerable So even users with little or no experience with scripting and regular expressions are able to customize Text Mate in ways that no other editor would have allowed them to.There are two ways in which Text Mate leverages that philosophy.First it has good shell integration, so if you are skilled in using the UNIX shell, you should love Text Mate.This key is generally in the lower left corner of the keyboard (and symmetrically placed on the right side).In addition to key equivalents, this key is also used with a mouse click to bring up context sensitive menus.

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