Updating porch column

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The hollow column was then cut to length by marking around it with a square and cutting each of the four sides with a circular saw.The preassembled top and base moldings were slipped over the shaft and the column was set in place.As soon as I think of something, I want to get started on it right away and I don't want to be hindered by having to run to the store for safety equipment like eyewear and masks.

First, a temporary brace was installed to support the porch roof.A few hours out of my day and our porch is starting to look amazing!I'm still thinking of adding trim to the bottom of each column just to give it one more detail.Talk about a slow transformation - the front of our house has gotten little attention until recently.We replaced the posts and porch before we moved in but didn't give the front a second thought until a few weeks ago when I updated the porch lamp, stained the new/old porch and painted the exterior.

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