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It's really annoying cuz now I've spent hrs tryin to remove invalid op crap with no luck so far but the 1 cool thing I found was that u can go to the WAT update in win update and hind it using the right click on ur mouse so u won't have to worry about it ever installing again.....I've been thinking since I might have to redo my operating system anyway I might try out Windows 8 and c how I like it...thoughts on that? I did hear from 1 person it was annoying and far worse than 7 but I like to hear more than 1 opinion not that it would stop me from testing it out anyway lol So Btw i uninstalled the WAT update and ran win loader but cant seem to fix my op sys..it possible I cant fix it cuz I used a different crack program during original install?then re-install windows seven and avoid this specific update.I have multiple partitions on my hard drive so can't i just save everything to the other ones that do not have the OS installed on it.Just activated mine and the loader doesn't even touch the WAT...still activated and fully updated.

This update for Windows Activation Technologies helps detect validation errors and activation exploits.

or how can i remove this popping prompts every time i boot the pc.

thanks and more power Gobless po I only heard recently about this update which I have already installed on my pc.

I have now set my windows updates to 'advise before downloading' so that I can cut it off at the canyon!

You can easily uninstall KB971033 so no great problem but it's the obstinacy of Microsoft and their principle that they must be the final arbitrator of what must be installed that irritates.

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