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They are concerned with the various aspects of managing the organization's information assets in areas such as privacy, confidentiality, integrity, accountability, and the basics of the mechanisms used in their management.Know what management's responsibility is in the information security environment. Management cannot just decree that the systems and networks will be secure.Management tools such as data classification, risk assessment, and risk analysis are used to identify the threats, classify assets, and to rate their vulnerabilities so that effective security controls can be implemented.Risk management is the identification, measurement, control, and minimization of loss associated with uncertain events or risks.Improving on the employment policies and practices to perform better background checks and better handle hiring and termination, as well as other concerns to help minimize the internal threat, are important information security practices. Change control is one defense against this type of attack.Using change control to maintain the configuration of programs, systems, and networks, you can prevent changes from being used to attack your systems.The role of data as a significant part of the organization's information assets cannot be minimized.

Take the practices and strategies written here and look at not only how your organization implements them, but how they can be improved.They must take an active role in setting and supporting the information security environment.Without management support, the users will not take information security seriously. Knowing how to assess and manage risk is key to an information security management program.It includes overall security review, risk analysis, selection and evaluation of safeguards, cost benefit analysis, management decision, safeguard implementation, and effectiveness review.The candidate will be expected to understand the planning, organization, and roles of the individual in identifying and securing an organization's information assets; the development and use of policies stating management's views and position on particular topics and the use of guidelines, standard, and procedures to support the policies; security awareness training to make employees aware of the importance of information security, its significance, and the specific security-related requirements relative to their position; the importance of confidentiality, proprietary, and private information; employment agreements; employee hiring and termination practices; and risk management practices and tools to identify, rate, and reduce the risk to specific resources." — Common Body of Knowledge study guide Security management can be difficult for most information security professionals to understand.

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