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“That idea of enhanced serendipity – meeting someone on the street or in a coffee shop and then discovering that you went to camp together as kids, or that your cousin knows their boss …

“Some people don’t feel comfortable actually doing the ‘setting up,’ which is why you meet close friends’ friends through a house party or dinner or something like that…where it just happens. users are between 23 and 36 years old, and Hinge says 99 per cent are college-educated.READ MORE: Dating site helps prairie singles lasso their true love But is there room for another dating app?Some say yes.“Yes, the market is saturated by dating apps, but I think there’s an appetite for different digital environments, different contexts, and different ways of meeting people, even online,” said Ramona Pringle, assistant professor in the RTA School of Media and Creative Director of the Transmedia Zone at Toronto’s Ryerson University.You’ll see their full name, school and other information from their Facebook profile—which is how you sign up—but updates aren’t posted to your Facebook timeline.READ MORE: The Internet’s most specific online dating sites You might wonder: If your potential matches are curated based on who your friends think you might like, why not just wait for a real-life introduction?

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