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Pop out at lunchtime for some fresh air, even if it's only for 10 minutes. Prepare for birth Learn more about what happens during labour by signing up for antenatal classes.You can also take free online antenatal classes with Baby Centre.Keep an eye on how much water you're drinking, as dehydration may affect your mood.It's perfectly safe to exercise during pregnancy.You are entitled to paid time off work to attend pregnancy-related classes.

Perhaps you're stressed about your finances, job, relationship or housing?That's because the stress hormone cortisol can cross the placenta and influence the building blocks of your baby’s emotional development. This will also help you to bond with your baby when he's born. If you're a mum you'll already know that it can be hard to get a break. Ask your partner, a friend or grandparents to look after your child or children for an afternoon. Talk about it If you have worries about your baby's wellbeing, or a personal matter, you can always turn to your midwife for reassurance.Of course, many complex factors will shape your baby's eventual ability to learn and relate to the world. Don’t be frightened to admit how you are truly feeling.Your body can't make tryptophan, so the only way to get it is from what you eat.Tryptophan is found in nuts and seeds, which are easy to snack on, as well as fresh turkey and chicken, fish, eggs, yoghurt and cheese.

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