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Rock star Billy Idol made an appearance at the Tucson Community Center Arena on May 5, 1987. Among the numbers Idol performed were his renditions of "White Wedding," "Mony, Mony" and "To Be a Lover." According to the Star's reviewer, the nearly 5,000 fans in attendance were treated to a "fast-paced, good-humored and invigorating" concert.

The review went on to say, "Through it all, Billy curled his lip and played the idol. Trying to separate Billy Idol from his ridiculous, hilariously exaggerated image is like trying to separate Mick Jagger from his lips.

And if you are interested in hosting meetups on a more regular basis, send a message to the organizer with a little about yourself and what you have in mind!!!It can't be done." When the Tucson Boys Chorus returned from a 5 1/2-week tour of the Orient on April 6, 1987, it was met by several hundred friends and relatives at the airport, as well as by Miss Arizona, Terri Kettunen.The group had performed more than 15 concerts, with stops in China, Japan and Hong Kong, as well as Hawaii.At the airport, the boys sang few songs, including one in Chinese and one in Japanese.Anyone who spent time on the University of Arizona campus from 1968 to 1987 might recognize David C. Having spent about 19 years on campus as an undergraduate, he amassed more then 300 semester credits.

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