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The map of Australia in the shape of a question mark was adopted as the official logo by the Australian Skeptics in 1996 and is a registered trademark image of the Australian Skeptics Inc.All Australian skeptical groups have been granted unconditional licence to use the image.ASI coordinates the prize, and the final decision is voted on by representatives from the various Australian Skeptics groups.The Bent Spoon Award is an annual award coordinated by ASI, however the final decision is voted on by representatives from the various groups comprising Australian Skeptics.This page covers all Australian skeptical groups who are of this mindset.The title "Australian Skeptics" can be easily confused with one of the more prominent groups, "Australian Skeptics Inc." which is based in Sydney and is one of the central organising groups within the Australian Skeptics.For having a fundamentalist chiropractic education program – if the word education can be used in this way – and for endorsing the practice by targeting children and infants in their on-campus paediatric chiropractic clinics.For managing to forget their scientific training long enough to sell quackery and snake oil (such as Homoeopathy and ear candles) in places where consumers should expect to get real medical supplies and advice.

In 1989 at a national committee meeting the aims of Australian Skeptics were updated and drafted as follows; As of 2015, every state and territory within Australia has its own regional branch, and some have their own newsletters, with new local skeptics' groups springing up in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Launceston and Darwin.The prize offered for anyone who can meet this challenge is A0,000.The offer has been made in an effort to seek out the truth of paranormal claims such as those of psychics, healers, witnesses to paranormal events and those selling devices which claim to defy scientific laws.ASI still operates today and is responsible for several national activities, such as the publication of "The Skeptic" magazine and coordination of awards (listed below) and the annual conventions.Today ASI is one of many formal and informal skeptical groups throughout Australia which fall under the general umbrella title of "Australian Skeptics".

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