Teenage dating christian perspective bristol and gino dating

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Though there were sometimes nervous jitters as family members (and especially the young men) anticipated these sessions, in each case the time together was strategic, encouraging and rewarding.

Having consistently practiced this when they were dating, it was impossible for us and for our daughters to imagine them dating a young man without first openly addressing with him all the principles that follow.

Water and fire are good things which, when they occur outside their God-intended boundaries, become bad.

To exercise the privilege apart from the responsibility perverts God’s intention for sex.The more involved you are in serving Christ, the greater vested interests Satan has in destroying you and God’s work in and through you.The evil one wants to take you down to use your life as a bad example to other Christians, who will imitate your moral compromise.Until we had gone over these principles together (my wife and I, our daughter and the boy) and made sure there was complete agreement, we didn’t allow a dating relationship to begin.We found that this was a great help not only to our daughters but also to the young men who wanted to date them.

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