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Beautiful wide tree-lined litter-free streets with women using umbrellas for shade is my lasting impression of this city.

Down the road is the Eslite centre with a lot of small shops and many crafts workers selling their wares. The theme was 'youth' and the two young presenters did a great Eurovision audition.

The overall impression is one of the massive time and energy that went into creating each of these inspiring works.

I love Asian food, and the variety in Taipei is stunning.It is a maze of shops, food stalls and tiny restaurants that buzzes.There is a temple in the middle of all the chaos where you can sit and take in the ornate declaration and smell the incense.They are now housed in the magnificently imposing National Palace Museum, which houses more than 700,000 items.Those not on display are stored in safety within the mountain. One of the many stars of the show are seven Ming chicken cups.

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