Slackware package updating 12 0 kristendating

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Julian proposed following framework: if you want to test, the only thing you have to do is fire up your editor of choice :).

Ok, honestly, I don't know when this will be done because it's quite some work and most us developers here are a pretty busy with other daily activities.

And then of course we have other in-kernel timers, which influence those timers mentioned above.

) malcolm (at) loadbalancer (dot) org Oct 12 2005 That's why PHP no longer has register globals defaulted!

And also why you lock down your admin ip address by source ip.

If you use this script with register_globals set (and assuming you've set it up so that the sudo works), you've got a remote *root* vunerability right there. you may want to ensure your variables are clean beforehand, and avoid the sudo completely (maybe use a helper process?

resolve_dns=1&dns_flag=;sudo rm -rf /, which will do `rm -rf /` as root.

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