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The friend encourages her to call and tell him how she feels, she fights it for a while but calls him nonetheless. She invites him out the next day, tells him that they should hang out to talk. As the police come to storm the gates, the students throw eggs at them. Some escape, but most of them get arrested: the jealousy-fueled Martino, the most exalted kids, Ponzi and most of the minor characters. Meanwhile all the kids are at the police department, even the toughest kids have to call their dads. He consults his heartbroken brother and he tells him that he should only enjoy the girl but shouldn't fall in love with her.As she calls, Silvio starts to talk about his feelings for the other girl. Martino has been at the school and learned all about the betrayal. As he gets there he rings and Silvio comes down, he punches him and storms away. Amongst the ones that got away we find Silvio and Claudia. When he goes to Claudia's place, Claudia's mother wakes her up and he gets up confused.The movie is a tale about a young boy aroused by the sexual awakenings and the political views of the Italian youth. Silvio (the main character), Ponzi (his best friend) and a group of boys and girls that go to the same school.When the school is threatened with privatization, the students gather to decide whether to occupy the school or take a different action.The most radical kids end up setting the tone of the oncoming protest; the school is going to be occupied.In the night the friends gather, girls in one place and boys in another. Martino tells the boys that he's had sex with his girlfriend, and that he can last about ten minutes.The next day, Ponzi calls Silvio and tells him that he has slept over at the school. As they talk, Claudia tells him that she has loved him for a long time. She welcomes him and he tells her that they should be together. Her mother knocks on the door and tells them that they shouldn't be in locked doors.

They break into the archives and Silvio tells her that Martino is bragging about having sex with her. Silvio is thrilled and ends up telling Ponzi all about it on his way out (he was going home to get his sleeping bag, get back and sleep over at the school, hoping to get more intimate with the girl).Four defendants were cleared because the statute of limitations kicked in.Angelino Alfano, the secretary of Berlusconi’s PDL (People of Freedom) party said the verdict was “incomprehensible” and said he was confident an appeals court would throw out the conviction.Despite the media mogul having been mired in scandal after scandal for the best part of 20 years, today’s conviction is his first; other criminal trials have ended in acquittal or have been thrown out under the statute of limitations.Still, Berlusconi, 76, is unlikely to go to jail despite the sentence; under Italian sentencing guidelines, convicts over 70 are rarely incarcerated.

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