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The youg girl comes on to the lad and he eventually has his way with her, however he has a peculiar curiosity about his Aunt.

One day he follows Auntie and discovers that she is secretly the submissive sex partner of a violent and dominating lover! A well made erotic story of lust and murder that takes a few unexpected twists and turns!

Auntie (1995, erotica) IN JAPANESE LANGUAGE WITH NO SUBTITLES Directed by ?

, Japan A young man moves into the home of his Uncle and his pretty Aunt, not to mention his sexually aggressive nubile teenage cousin.

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اما افسر تازه کار بزودی متوجه می‌شود که همکارش یک مامور مخفی سازمان فدرال است و در مورد یک پرونده سرقت تحقیق میکند که ممکن است چند پلیس فاسد در آن دست داشته باشند…

خلاصه داستان : مدت زمان کوتاهی پس از اینکه جان و خانواده اش به خانه جدیدشان در پنسیلوانیا می روند، جان شروع به تجربه فلج خواب میکند.

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