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As she points out in the introduction, a lot of the sex tips readily accessible to women who may or may not be sex ed savvy tend to “restate the same few tips that focus almost solely on the man’s pleasure (and they tend to be very heterocentric).” Don’t let the blonde svelte white woman on the cover fool you: this is a manual for everyone who identifies as a woman.The writing does not make assumptions about race, shape, size, number of partners, or partners’ gender; it’s welcoming to all women.

One of the things the book emphasizes is personal preference: in each chapter, there are several sections with a “choose-your-own-adventure” style header, so that you can read about exactly what you like, and read through some options of other sexual styles that you might be curious about.Culturally, when we talk about sex, we often jump straight to positions and body parts as if writing plays for a playbook.Katz starts out with a chapter on romantic dates, and covers topics from the technical (female ejaculation, how to deal with piercings in a variety of situations, how to choose sex toys) to the personal (communication skills, what stimulates your senses, what turns you on).The book is written in a fun, inviting tone and is full of silly puns and cute phrases like the “mattress mambo” to put the reader at ease.It certainly helps to make sex sound less clinical (as it often sounds in textbooks) and less daunting (as the bedroom is often a place where many insecurities and vulnerabilities come to light).

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