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“Feel my leg.” *** The patrols deal with a bizarre array of crimes, some unique to Bnei Brak, which can feel at times like an overgrown shtetl.

The Hanukkah season typically brings an annual spree of menorah thefts, with burglars looking to steal the silver candelabras to pawn across central Israel, Rotter said.

On a normal night, they respond to dozens of calls and often arrive well before the police.

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“So, they call us and we can be a bridge between them and police.” *** Five years ago, Rotter was working as a paramedic.But the group’s members are unlicensed and untrained, which raises the potential for trouble.Orit Friedman, the spokesperson for the Tel Aviv District described them as “a pirate organization that has no coordination with the police.” But she also added that the Tel Aviv police “are neither in favor or opposed to them.” Efforts to have members of the group undergo training and licensing by the state to qualify them as an official civil guard have failed for two main reasons.In time, the men acquired walkie-talkies and authority.Today, Rotter has 150 volunteers—“another 300 eyes on the street”—managed by a central call center run out of a residential apartment in Bnei Brak.

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