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Last night, when low clouds curtained the moon and stars, those tents glowed red and blue and yellow from the lamps lit inside, and Adrian marveled at how pretty they were._ Like Chinese lanterns, _he thought.

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A narrow path follows the edge of the island as it rises to cliffs on the western side, then back down to a rocky beach on the southern tip.

Draperies in red and white flap in glassless windows: They've nearly all blown out. There are bodies, and parts of bodies, on the pavement: Eight people were killed when the Volkswagen exploded, and investigators will find more than one hundred pieces of the dead scattered in the streets and even on rooftops. Sara photographs the wreckage and the wounded and the rescuers.

She photographs a woman who has blond hair and a bloody blue shirt and a foot-long wooden stake poking out of her head. There is brief speculation that a gas main might have ruptured. the kids on Utoeya pack into the cafeteria for a meeting.

The building is known as H-Block, and it is part of the government complex in central Oslo.

It houses, among other agencies, the prime minister's offices on the top floors. He lights a fuse that is connected, in the back of the van, to a mixture of fertilizer, diesel, and aluminum that weighs slightly more than a ton.

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