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This would be a little bit smaller, but the same exact shape.If you kept doing that, eventually you would you would probably be arrested, but you would end up with a bunch of concentric squares.Each color represents either a different type of rock or a different age of rock.For example, below you can see some pink rocks with circles on them from Yosemite National Park. It's not the real color of the rock, just a way to show difference.If you were to run all the way around the base of one of those pyramids, it would make a big square.

This is probably best explained by going back to our step idea.

Free 5-day trial This lesson explains the main features of topographic maps, including contour lines, index contours and contour intervals.

It will also cover two rules that all contours follow and discuss geologic maps and the information they contain. Golden banana slices on the bottom, two or three nice big scoops of frosty ice cream, warm caramel & chocolate, maybe even some bright sprinkles…Oh and don't forget the best part, the whipped cream.

These lines would circle all the way around the mountain you just created and would be very similar to something called a topographic map.

A topographic map is a type of map that shows elevation.

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