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STOP trying to put people in boxes and insert your life into OTHERS.

The Bible was inspired by God and Jesus; however it was written by Man and certainly EDITED by whatever ruler was in power.

She has not tried to fake out anyone by openly dating a man or a woman......livin' her private life ........guess where IN PRIVATE! All you Bible thumpers out there.............careful when throwing stones and reading the bible verbatim.Why is it that people don't see that the Bible is a product of what I have just described? This is the same bible that endorses concubines and incest and punishing children for the sins of their parents. I'm a lesbian who has dated dozens upon dozens of men and I am not attracted to them, do not have an emotional connection with them, and I don't get physically aroused by them.The Bible lists so many abominations that are worthy of death that most of us do everyday. Yes, the Bible has great precepts that we should all endorse and believe in, but it is also kind of ridic. But, I have ALWAYS had feelings towards women, since I can remember.Now, here's the thing for all you who have posted here and anywhere else concerning the Gay/Lesbian lifestyle as a 47yo AA Lesbian I speak from my own personal experience the only thing that matters to a gay person at the end of the day is having someone who understands and,accepts us for who we are just the way we are. seen 'Just Wright' (with Latifah and Common) tonight and the movie is toooooo cute! Anywho DO you Queen and be happy thats what matters in the end not crazy opinions from judgemental fools.This is why we have a select circle of fam,friends,pets and things that we choose to live/love if you are not in this circle then you, your words, thoughts and feelings do not matter because you are nobody to me/us. Well its funny how you know how everyone on this site is living and doing in the world. I am a Christian, and the bible clearly states that we should not judge, unless we will be judged. As I was reading all the comments I was thinking exactly the same thing.

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