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As Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world, he teams up with a fellow Avenger and S. Though these aspects of the film were really well done what really pulled me in to the movie was the performances by the the actors, mainly Jesse Eisenberg and Ben Affleck's Performances, they really grabbed your attention through a large amount of the scene's showing really great character development from both, also to add i wasn't expecting much from Gal Gadot, shocking to think, as her performance was fantastic -shocking- also to add she really had some great fight scenes that really hooked me, there wasn't a dull moment through out the hole movie, and also fast paste The cinematography used in the movie is fantastic, and i believe some of these moment within the film will be with us for some time, Overall can't say anymore great things about this movie, it's left me speechless.Although no rock paintings of such great antiquity are known, ochre is later evidenced as a rock art pigment.Australian rock art may be as old as human occupation of that continent, up to 60,000 years old and perhaps far older.(Bednarik, 1998.) An early archaeologically discernible behavior that seems to lack practical purpose is the use of hematite or ochre, the red mineral pigment.This activity dates to several hundred thousand years ago in southern Africa. I think I'm an awesome writer, but my bars still sound like bars.

Additionally, quartz grinding stones with pigment residue were found in the caves. A charcoal layer under the black manganese indicated a preliminary sketch was undertaken.Radiocarbon dates for European paintings range back to more than 32,000 years (Gould).By this time art traditions are known to have existed in southern Africa, the Levant, eastern Europe, India and Australia (Bednarik). Jacobs The most ancient evidence of the production of art predates the generally accepted earliest dates for the appearance of modern humans.Cup marks and a meandering line were etched into a sandstone cave in India two or three hundred thousand years ago.

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