Pygtk progress bar not updating

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* Fix bug in Auto Add plugin where watchdirs would not display in gtkui when first enabled.* Fix bugs with unicode torrents in Auto Add plugin.The user that adds this torrent will be an empty string.* Add Torrent File Completed event ==== Gtk UI ==== * Increase max piece size to 8 Mi B in create torrent dialog (closes #1358) ==== Scheduler ==== * Add max active downloading and seeding options to scheduler.

Issue 161: Commit window too long to appear Steve Borho / sborho on Fri, 0200: Comment: See the discussion on issue #122, especially the last comment. The default mode for the commit tool must be much more efficient than the way it works in 0.7.n, for both performance and robustness reasons.* https (for users that know how to create certificates) * Easier apache mod_proxy use.* Redesigned sidebar ==== Ajax UI ==== * Hosted in a webui template.=== Deluge 1.3.6 (25 Feburary 2013) === ==== Core ==== * Catch & log Key Error when removing a torrent from the queued torrents set * Fix moving/renaming torrents issues when using libtorrent 0.16 * Make sure queue order is preserved when restarting * #2160: Disable use of python bindings for libtorrent extensions and replace with session flag * #2163: Fix unable add torrent file with empty (0:) encoding tag * #2201: Fix error in authmanager if auth file has extra newlines * #2109: Fix the Proxy settings not being cleared by setting None * #2110: Fix accepting magnet uris with xt param anywhere within them * #2204: Fix daemon shutdown hang with large numbers of torrents * Fix prioritize first/last pieces option for magnet links ==== Client ==== * Fix keyerrors after removing torrents from UIs ==== Gtk UI ==== * Add move completed option to add torrent dialog * Prevent jitter in torrent view * Fix torrent creation with non-ascii characters * Fix #2100 : Add option not to bring main window to front when adding torrents through ipcinterface * Add Quit Dialog when toggling classic mode in preferences and only show connection manager when not in classic mode.* #2169: Fix 'Download Location' in the Add Torrent Dialog not set correctly when folder typed into Other-Location field * #2171: Fix the Add Peer dialog not responding if empty or invalid values entered * #2104: Fix no title set for the appindicator * #2086: Fix submenus and icons for appindicator * #2146: Fix missing translations in View|Tabs submenu * Fix torrent names on libtorrent 0.16 on windows * #2147: Fix missing translations for plugin preferences page * #1474: Fix the on_show_prefs hook not being executed immediatly after enabling a plugin * #1946: Fix Reactor Not Restartable error when set as startup application * #2130: Fix same name can be given to different files in Add Torrent dialog * #2129: Fix empty filename able to be set in Add Torrent dialog * #2228: Fix Apply-To-All in Add Torrent Dialog copying file renames to other torrents * #2260: Fix the Add Torrent dialog also bringing the main window to active workspace * Fix showing exception error to user in Classic Mode with no libtorrent installed ==== Console ==== * LP#1004793: Enable use of connect command in non-interactive mode * Ensure console commands are executed in order * #2065: Fix crash with missing closing quote * #1397: Add support for -s STATE in info command ==== Web UI ==== * Add move completed option to add torrent dialog * #2112: Fix world readable tmp directory in json_api * #2069: Fix login window layout problem when using larger than default font size * #1890: Fix columns in files and peers view could use some spacing * #2103: Fix sorting by name is case-sensitive [sedulous] * #2120: Fix manually entered values not being saved in spinners * #2212: Fix unable to scroll in proxy preferences page * Fix autoconnecting to the default host * #2046: Fix plugins not enabling properly until after refreshing page * #2125: Fix plugin methods not being available when enabled until restart * #2085: Fix not showing torrents in sidebar for categories other than 'All' in classic mode * #2232: Fix flag icon path in Peers Tab missing deluge.* Fix submenus closing upon mouse click * Add failed login log message, including IP address, to enable use with fail2ban * #2261: Fix Proxy settings not being saved in preferences ==== Windows OS ==== * Hide the cmd windows when running or * Add and that still show the cmd window * Add gtk locale files to fix untranslated text * Fix the Open Folder option not working with non-ascii paths * Fix the daemon starting with config dir containing spaces * Fix Windows tray submenu items requiring right-click instead of left-click * Fix issue with adding some torrents with illegal characters via url in gtk client * #2240: Fix freespace issue with large capacity drives ==== OS X ==== * Fix Open File/Folder option * Add OS X Menu for GTK Quartz ==== Execute ==== * Fix execute plugin not working with unicode torrent names === Deluge 1.3.5 (09 April 2012) === ==== Core ==== * Fix not properly detecting when torrent is at end of queue * #2049: Preserve order when moving multiple torrents in the queue ==== Gtk UI ==== * Modified fix for #1957, keyerror with non-acsii columns * Fix translation of items in Sidebar and Torrent Menu * #2052: Fix translation of Progress bar text * #2071: Fix Key Error in gtkui when file priority set to value '3' * #2064: Fix files treeview height in Create Dialog * Fix missing semi-colon in deluge.desktop * Disable setting file priorities for seeding torrents * Bring Main Window to front when opening another instance ==== Web UI ==== * #2050: Fix 'Up Speed' column not sorting * Hide unused Infohash button in Web UI ==== Label ==== * Disable unusable items for 'All' in sidebar menu * Fix items for translation ==== Console ==== * Fix prefixed space for tab completing commands * Fix missing trailing space for command options with tab complete ==== Blocklist ==== * Use (documented) formatdate over format_date_time === Deluge 1.3.4 (03 March 2012) === ==== Core ==== * #1921: Free disk space reporting incorrectly in Free BSD * #1964: Fix unhandled Unpickling Errors * #1967: Fix unhandled Index Error when trying to open a non-json conf file * Fix setting daemon listen interface from command line * #2021: Fix share ratio limit not obeyed for seeded torrents added to session * Add optparse custom version to prevent unnecessary loading of libtorrent * #1554: Fix seeding on share ratio failing for partially selected torrents * Add proper process title naming in ps, top etc.

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