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Ms Bhupathiraju said that James' parents hadn't wanted his monitors on, but admitted when pressed that her clinical knowledge of his best interests was more important than the wishes of the parents.She also admitted that 99.9 per cent of patients on an intensive care unit would be rigged up to various monitors at all times.Ratchford posted a picture Monday of Rocco, the beloved dog of Thompson, as well as a picture of basketballs on a countertop and a covert message about how well she rested the night before.“That was the best I’ve slept in a year,” Ratchford wrote beside an angel emoji. It must be noted that Thompson did not appear in any of the photos.When he was asked if he would have permitted the monitors to be taken off, he replied: 'No, the central stand of intensive care is monitoring.'You can settle down a child, you can always get it done.You can put the monitor on a toe covered by a sock, you can use diversion - as soon as the child's attention is diverted somewhere else the monitor goes back on.' The two nurses tasked with caring for James told the inquest they were given a 30 minute break before midnight if they were on a 12 hour night shift and a 90 minute or two hour break in the early hours of the morning.When he returned shortly before 4am, Mr Dwerryhouse had left and James was asleep but had still not had his monitors reconnected.

Still, her message clearly implies some sort of relationship — if even a friendship — and that, at least, Klay has a pretty comfortable bed. Of course, many will presume Thompson slept next to Ratchford.

He told the court James had been bright and happy before falling asleep and had wanted to shake his hand, and also asked him to shake his parents' hands.

Dr Dimitriades was the first doctor to arrive at James' bedside when he went into cardiac arrest and noticed there was no data from any monitors for the previous three hours.'His parents asked me if he had his monitors and I said I didn't know,' he said.

A police investigation was launched when James' doctors at home in Ipswich raised their concerns with the Metropolitan Police.

DS Adrian De-Villiers told the court that the hospital's errors didn't meet the threshold for corporate manslaughter, but added: 'That doesn't mean there weren't individual failings on the day.'Portland's chief nursing officer Elaine Stewart, who led the internal investigation, said that staff were not permitted two to three hour breaks while on shift, as both Mr Cachero and Ms Bhupathiraju had claimed.

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