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Had fashion gone a different way, I think he'd still be wearing tightie whities. I waddled to Target and bought a pair that very day.

But teen culture these days requires boxers, it seems, and he hasn't changed. Don't wear them anymore, but hey, sometimes you just need the support.

Now Nintendo has released the official New Super Luigi U box art, and some screenshots as well.

The game looks very similar to New Super Mario Bros U, which isn’t a surprise.

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The basic service is free of charge, while the “Gold Membership” involves a membership fee.Even regular shorts actually work better on boxer, as long as they have a long enough crotch (or you don't mind pulling them up really high.Boxers are just too loose, no matter how you wear them.Mom decided what we would be wearing after we were out of diapers, and she bought us what she bought for dad. As a mom, when it came time to transition my son from diapers to pull-ups to big-boy undies, the only choice for a toddler was briefs. My son's dad wore boxers under his Army fatigues, but he wore bikini briefs (remember, it was the 70's and 80's) when he wore dressy clothes, and commando in jeans, because boxers bunched up and showed through tight pants. I don't know what most guys wear, but all the stores I shop in have a lot of all kinds of underwear, so I assume all styles have a considerable following. Thinking back to college days in the dorms, where most guys didn't put much on when walking from the room to the shower or toilet, or even hanging around in their rooms studying (yeah the whole building was like one big Abercrombie & Fitch ad). I switched from briefs to boxers about 10 years ago.I was put into briefs as a lad and that's what I'm wearing 40 years later... I can't remember when exactly my son made the transition to boxers, but it had to be at age 13 when he started sagging his baggies...then his father had moved out and was not there to lay down the law. When I had my vasectomy last year, on my first day back at work let's just say I wished I had held onto a couple.

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    Following the somewhat scripted-feeling E3 2017 demo, we now have a rather more dynamic, cinematic trailer from Paris Games Week.

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