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The village was the home of Jacob's grandfather, the furniture maker Jacob de Goyer.

When De Goyer moved away to Naarden, three of his sons changed their name to Ruysdael or Ruisdael, probably to indicate their origin.

Around 1657, Ruisdael moved to Amsterdam, by then a prosperous city which was likely to have offered a bigger market for his work.

His fellow Haarlem painter Allaert van Everdingen had already moved to Amsterdam and found a market there.

Ruisdael's first panoramic landscape, View of Naarden with the Church at Muiderberg in the Distance, dates from 1647.

Wijnman showed that the person who died there was in fact Ruisdael's cousin, Jacob Salomonszoon. In a large sample of inventories between 16 the average price for a Ruisdael was 40 guilders, compared to an average of 19 guilders for all attributed paintings. 1646 to the early 1650s, when he was living in Haarlem, is characterised by simple motifs and careful and laborious study of nature: dunes, woods, and atmospheric effects.

By applying heavier paint than his predecessors, Ruisdael gave his foliage a rich quality, conveying a sense of sap flowing through branches and leaves.

The theme of an overwhelming sky and a distant town, in this case the birthplace of his father, is one he returned to in his later years.

For unknown reasons, Ruisdael almost entirely stopped dating his work from 1653.

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