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Paleontology is the study of life in past geologic periods (fossil plants and animals), incorporating knowledge of an organism's phylogeny, relationships to existing organisms, and correlation to an established chronology of Earth History.

Paleontology is limited to the study of sedimentary deposits where fossils are preserved, but can be used in establish relative ages of nearby igneous intrusion, faults, and other geologic features.

The results of the zircon and titanite dating are currently being compiled by Stephen Parry and other authors, and will be added here after their publication in the scientific literature.

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This makes them ideal zone fossils for biostratigraphy and dating of sedimentary rocks (for some examples of spores, see the section on the Rhynie flora).The Rhynie chert and its associated sediments have been assigned to the Pragian age of the Early an international journal for articles in all fields of palaeobotany and palynology dealing with all groups, ranging from marine palynomorphs to higher land plants.Paleontologists examine fossils of all kinds, but micropaleontology (the study of microscopic organisms) is perhaps the most useful method of dating because the remains of tiny organisms tend to be better preserved, more widely distributed, and may provide more precise age determinations than larger shells or bone material.Palynologists separate pollen from sediments for correlation and paleoenvironmental reconstructions.

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