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Regards, Kseniya Dear Steve, Anna, Dougie and all, who are interested to play golf or would like to learn.

You can join our - AIWC Golf group that plays on Tuesdays and sometimes other days, depending if we have interested people etc.

If the issues which led to the temporary ban are rectified before the end of the four-month period, the Laboratory in the Kazakh city is able to apply to the WADA Executive Committee for early reinstatement.

The exact reason for WADA's decision has not been given."During the period of suspension, samples are required to be transported securely to another WADA-accredited laboratory, ensuring that athletes can have full confidence in continued high quality sample analysis and the wider anti-doping system," a statement from WADA read."The decision to suspend the laboratory is a direct result of the more stringent quality assessment procedures enacted by WADA to ensure laboratories maintain the highest standards."The news comes after WADA suspended the accreditation of the Brazilian Doping Control Laboratory in Rio de Janeiro just 42 days before the start of this year's Olympic Games as a result of procedural errors.

I have registered number of companies and run several businesses and will be glad to help out.

If not and need some advice/assistance, please let me know.

AIWC - Almaty International Women's Club is not for women only, men are very welcome to join!

In order to become a member you need to meet certain criteria: you are an expat, if you are local, you have lived abroad for 1 year or more or you have been recommended by expat members of the Club.

Samples collected and stored will now have to be transported to another WADA-accredited Laboratory.

Political empowerment refers to person's relationship with political structures.

It refers to the process of transferring resources, capabilities and positions to people who do not possess them.

I'm moving to Almaty at the moment, so would be good to hook up. It's creted with accountance of memory structure, grasping information by human's brain and people's motoric system. We'll give free classes,open work shop,consultations. You can go to Turgen waterfalls area which is a day trip, and even further - Assy Plateau - very beautiful jailiau (grazing land), Big Almaty Lake (close to Almaty, possible to do it in one day - by car or follow the path along water pipeline that leads to the lake) and even further - the Observatory.

Also there is Aksai Gorge with a monastery nearby in the forest...

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