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The name Al Waha means "The Oasis", and has been designed such that the hotel's several swimming pools form an oasis incorporating many date palm trees.The architecture of Al Waha is traditional Dhofari, from the southern region of Oman.Traditional methods of cultivation, small farm size, enough labor available, and poor postharvest handling and marketing are the main issues that face date palm production in Oman.New plantlets are produced from tissue culture with a primary focus on superior cultivars that are kept, among other cultivars, in the only date palm ex situ gene bank in the interior of Oman.

Dubas bug and red palm weevil are the dominant biotic factors that affect date quality and yield in Oman.

Back: Cabinet building; Ministry of Commerce and Industry building; 40th National Day logo; crown. Tags: Oman B44 (PNL): 20 rials (US)Blue, yellow, and purple.

The security features on the front of the note represent in intaglio portrait of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, twin step window, holographic element (Main Entrance of the Central Bank of Oman), tactile feature for the blind, color-shift / color fix magnetic windowed security thread, micro lettering, three dimensional mould - made watermark portrait, perfect see through register, electrotype watermark and spark OVMI feature. Front: Crown; crown as registration device; Ministry of Finance and Economy building; Sultan Qaboos bin Said; Mirani Fort; coat of arms with crossed swords and khanjar (dagger); main entrance of the CBO headquarters. Sign up for Email Notifications If you would like to receive email notifications whenever a new chapter of The Banknote Book is published, please join the email list.

Nestled at the foot of a mountain range, vehicular access has been made possible by a man-made tunnel.

Date palm is the primary agricultural crop in Oman, and it constitutes 80 % of all fruit crops produced and 50 % of the total agricultural area in the country.

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