Obese people dating

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I wrote this for the Bold Italic, for whom I had a short-lived freelance writing career.They wanted something honest about being my size and dating in Los Angeles.Are you really okay with being obese IF the obesity is due to bad eating habits and a lack of a healthy lifestyle?If obesity is not due to medical reasons and due to choice, are you really okay with forgoing a better, healthier lifestyle? Exactly what should be the meaning of “I like myself just as I am”? Here is how to test if you are in denial or not– Go for the first instinct.Biologically, everyone wants to pass their good genes on and desires to find a partner with good genes. In this article, we are NOT talking about people who are obese because of medical conditions. There are now four states of mind: lose weight to get a date if they want to get a date.We are talking about people who are obese due to bad eating and lifestyle choices, in denial about their obesity, fall in love with people who are “society’s idea of beautiful” and then blame these people for being “superficial and materialistic” when they get rejected. So people don’t say it because they are afraid of hurting you.Is it because of the thinking “I need to accept myself just as I am”?Are you afraid of change and what lies beyond after losing weight? If you are obese yourself AS A RESULT OF BAD CHOICES, and face a lower quality of life due to various health issues, then don’t blame people for not wanting to date someone slim.

We are merely saying that don’t be obese AS A RESULT OF BAD LIFE CHOICES, be in denial and preach “Society should accept me just as I am”, when you yourself are not even happy with who you are.

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Loneliness can be a thing of the past if you just create a personal profile on the fat dating site, you can start meeting obese people from the comfort of your own home and find someone to share your life with, or maybe just a fling to have some fun with.

Obesity is bad for your health…you and I both know it. Or they care too much about appearing nice and not having people accuse them of “being insensitive”.

But we struggle because it is so difficult to lose weight, both physically and mentally. Or you don’t matter enough to them for them to be frank with you. Sometimes you don’t even attract their attention at all and to them you are non-existent in their lives.

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