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I believe Genesis :3 is the big picture of creation, and the rest of chapter 2 retells the creation of man. Even though he was in God's image, man was a creature like other creatures God had made. "Eden" (meaning "delight," "pleasure," or perhaps "place of abundant waters") therefore appears to have been located in the general area of the Promised Land (vv. An exception is the Mosaic Covenant, in which the fulfillment of the promises contained in the covenant depended on Israel's obedience. Man should normally live in community, even as God does. It is not a demeaning term, since Scripture often uses it to describe God Himself (e.g., Ps. "The word help suggests that the man has governmental priority, but both sexes are mutually dependent on each other.

Chapter 2 verses 4 and 5 set the stage for what follows by explaining what agricultural land was like before man started farming. This rules out the view that man descended from the gods, which was popular in the ancient Near East and was foundational in Egyptian cosmology. nesama) was God's breath that gave Adam life, spiritual understanding (Job 32:8), and a functioning conscience (Prov. It may also have imparted moral, intellectual, relational, and spiritual capacities. The Edenic Covenant was also different, in that God promised death for failure to obey His command: to abstain from eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God not only evaluated Adam's condition, He also rectified it. The man is created first, with the woman to help the man, not vice versa (see also 1 Tim. She was comparable to him, in contrast to the rest of the animal creation.

It reduced the destructive rays of the sun so that antediluvian man lived much longer, and it distributed heat more evenly over the surface of this planet. This canopy supposedly broke up when God sent the Flood (). For example, the Noahic Covenant overlaps the Mosaic Covenant, and the Davidic Covenant overlaps the Mosaic and New Covenants. The creation of woman -25 Adam's creation was not complete because he lacked a "helper" who corresponded to him.

This is another of those theories that are impossible to prove or disprove conclusively. The "Tigris" and "Euphrates" are now in the area formerly called Babylonia (Iraq). The biblical covenants normally involved unconditional promises in which God obligated Himself to accomplish certain purposes despite human failure, though they may contain conditional elements. This deficiency led God to pronounce Adam's condition "not good." This follows the pattern of the triune God's own existence in which He is surrounded by His heavenly court.

They would have hoped in Him to transform their national life from chaos, in a pagan chaotic environment (Egypt)to order and blessing, in an environment He would create for them (Canaan).

God's superiority over the forces their pagan neighbors worshipped out of fear (gods of the darkness, the sun, moon, planets, and stars, the watery deep, etc.) would have strengthened their faith.

"In Genesis 1 'elohim (God) refers to God's transcendence over the world, while in Genesis 23 yhwh (L) speaks of God's immanence with his elect. "The Garden of Eden is a temple-garden, represented later in the tabernacle. Such knowledge belongs to God alone because, as Agur inferentially argues in Prov.

The person mentioned after toledot is not usually the central figure in the section but the person who originated what follows. Within each of the first several tol'dot is a deterioration to cursing until 12:1-12, where the message moves to the promise of blessing. This rather extensive description sets the stage for Adam and Eve's expulsion from the garden in . Basically, the covenant was conditional, requiring obedience; but it also declared God's purpose to elevate humanity to a place of authority and prominence, ultimately fulfilled by Christ." The covenant in -17 has been called the Edenic Covenant.Verse 5 explains the original order of plant life, which did not yet grow as a result of rain ("no plant of the field had yet sprouted"). 2:8-15 Another indication of God's love and grace is that He placed Adam in a garden that He had prepared for him. The modern equivalent of the "Pishon" River is unknown for certain. The three universal covenants, which affect the whole human race, are the Edenic, Adamic, and Noahic Covenants. "In Judaism, from the very moment of origins of the Jewish people, marriage was considered to be the ideal state." Companionship replaced isolation. Jesus Christ used the same word (the Greek equivalent) to describe the Holy Spirit, who would help believers following the Lord's ascension (John , 26; ; 16:7). ); however, this does not mean ontological superiority or inferiority. "Since Adam and Eve were a spiritual unity, living in integrity without sin, there was no need for instruction here on headship." The ancient Near Eastern texts contain no account of the creation of woman.Initially plants grew from the mist that arose from the ground (v. In other words, verses 5 and 6 apparently give the chronological sequence of mistplantsman, and the comment about rain was added because that is how plants grow now. yasar) means to shape or mold and implies that God deliberately did this with tender loving care. The God who was powerful enough to create the cosmos with a word (ch. Commentators have suggested that it was the Indus, the Ganges, a river of Arabia, or a river of Mesopotamia. All the subsequent covenants affect Israel primarily, though they all affect the rest of humanity secondarily. For companionship to be satisfying, however, there must be oneness in the marriage (cf. Self-centered living destroys oneness and companionship. "Helper" means one who supports us in our task of doing the will of God (cf. The word helper, used for God sixteen of the nineteen times it appears in the Old Testament, signifies the woman's essential contribution, not inadequacy." "Suitable to him" or "corresponding to him" means "equal and adequate." What was true of Adam (cf. Moses, however, devoted six verses to her formation compared to only one for Adam (2:7).The preceding scenes lead up to the Fall, and the following scenes describe its consequences.A Scene 1 (narrative): God is the sole actor, and man is passive (2:4-17).

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