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🙂 Perfume Review Policy & Disclosure Notice: At this time, I pay for almost all perfumes or perfume samples myself.

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Complaining about Shows You Don't Watch when you're fall here unless the work has a Fleeting Demographic (such as a lot of kids' shows, teen pop music, etc.) and the fan has grown out of it.

I’m a former corporate litigator and lawyer who no longer practices (I hated the law!

), a gourmet gourmand, a dog fanatic (especially if they are German shepherds), a history lover, a television junkie, a perfume addict, and a perfectionist who is passionately opinionated about most things. I’m owned by “The Hairy German,” also known as “My Teutonic Overlord,” Zola, Émile Zola, or Zoli Zol I reference him often on the blog as I am his most devoted slave.

Contact Information: If you wish to contact me, you can reach me at: AKafkaesque [email protected]

As a side note, the name of the blog is Kafkaesque and not “Kafkaesque Blog” or the old “A Kafkaesque Life.” Given the huge popularity of the term Kafkaesque and the abundance of Kafka fans on the internet as a whole, there weren’t a lot of options left when it came to choosing domain names. I would be most grateful if you referred to both the blog (and also to me personally) simply as Kafkaesque.

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