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In time, therefore, it would become apparent who was supporting whom.Deutschland returned to Wilhelmshaven and docked for a refit.About 9.300 refugees, including 4.550 Germans, were brought to safety.After a proposal from the French government four nations (Britain, France, Germany and Italy) signed an treaty to maintain an international non-intervention control of allotted sectors of the Spanish coast. The German Kriegsmarine accepted responsibility for the Mediterranean coast between Cabo de Gata (Almeria) and Oropesa.

The first bomb hit the roof of Starboard III 15 cm gunhouse, splinters puncturing the fuel tank of the floatplane on the catapult.

The final casualty list was 31 dead and 110 wounded, 71 seriously, these being mostly burn cases.

The British authorities arranged a military funeral for the dead in the late afternoon, but on Hitler's order the bodies were exhumed on the 11th, the coffins being brought alongside Deutschland by lighter and placed under "B" turret with an honour guard.

The two searchlight masts were replaced by a platform for four searchlights on the funnel.

Radio aerial outriggers were installed at the rear of the funnel cap.

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