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SEE ALSO Laos and Vientiane guide | Chiang Mai fun guide | Hanoi guide | Bangkok shopping | Angkor guide | Asian child resorts | Bali fun guide | Vietnam resorts In Luang Prabang it is easy to get off the beaten track with rice field trips, visits to minority tribe villages and, pictured above, kayak paddles along the Mekong and Nam Khan Rivers/ photo: Tiger Trails JUMP TO Temples, shopping, massage, spas | Dining in Luang Prabang | Nightlife | Boutique hotels, luxe inns, guesthouses | Sightseeing, adventure | Hotel Contacts THERE IS a reason why Luang Prabang remains the town that time forgot.

It’s not the easiest place to get to, not that anything in Laos is a doddle.

Riding motorbikes in Southeast Asia always comes with the caveat - wear helmets and definitely don't wobble around on skiddy roads tanked up on an a few bottled of beer. For more information, explore the Timeless Luang Prabang site, which is a good resource and pick up a country overview at Tourism Laos.

▲ top The wonderful thing about Luang Prabang is its scale: there’s plenty to see, but a few morning strolls can take most of it in.

The second was a punishing ten-hour bus journey from the capital Vientiane, at the mercy of bandits and a million sharp turns.

Yet the lure of gilded spires, saffron robes and cobblestones was strong, and the travel pilgrims prevailed as technology and transport options improved.

These can be rented exclusively for a small amount.Look out for the large tree of life mosaic on the rear wall.The conical Phou Si wat at the top of the town’s central mound provides a great lookout for sunset, while the longboats stored at Wat Saen give you a sampler of the town’s boat festival in the autumn.Lacking the sex, grind, and prurient neon of neighbouring Thai destinations, this is an often overlooked sleepy temple town. Snuggled deep in the secretively undulating hills of northwest Laos it was, until the recent past, served by just two alarming modes of travel.The first was Lao Airlines – a carrier often blacklisted by the US Embassy, the UN, and other companies that prefered their employees whole.

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