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However, you are required to pay an additional ,500 at tax time for the privilege of early access.This effectively reduces your withdrawal to ,500.The term "vesting" refers to the degree of ownership an employee has in a 401(k) account.If an employee is 100% vested, it means he is entitled to the full balance of his account.Even after the tax penalties, my calculations show me that I’ll get about ,000 out of one of them, leaving me with a little under ,000 in credit card debt which I could eliminate by the end of the summer. Given that she still has K in a 401(k) indicates that she’s putting a pretty heavy amount into them each month.While this move will obviously hinder retirement, it isn’t a complete disaster.Generally speaking, the only penalty assessed on early withdrawals from a 401(k) retirement plan is the 10% additional tax levied by the IRS.

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At the same time, I have about ,000 in credit card debt because I made some very stupid moves a few years ago.

In the example above, assume your employer-sponsored 401(k) includes a vesting schedule that assigns 10% vesting for each year of service after the first full year.

If you worked for just four full years, you are only entitled to 30% of your employer's contributions.

I tried plugging in some salary and 401(k) estimates and I found time and time again that looking at this situation from age sixty-five, even with conservative investment growth, it looks like a bad financial decision purely based on the numbers. Without making it, she will be beholden to a significant debt over the next several years that is going to limit her choices and her opportunities in life.

What if the perfect job came along for her, but she couldn’t take it because it meant an initial reduction in salary?

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