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Ever since they had gotten it, he and Hiei had dedicated any free moments in clearing the area and setting to work on building their own house.

"Now tell me Yomi, what is the real reason why you invited me here today; after all I had just visited Shura two days ago.""Why do you visit my son more than you visit me?The Kit he was caring wasn't due for another four months.He won't start showing for another two months, and he only had five more weeks of school before he graduated.Mukuro is thinking of stepping down and letting Hiei take over so that your child will govern all of my territory and all of Mukuro's territory when the time comes.""What about Shura? "I thought he was your heir.""Shura wants to see what it is like in the Ningenkai." Yomi muttered. He had stayed at Yomi's for longer than he had expected and he guessed that it was around nine in the evening."It seems as if " he looked straight at Kurama; Kurama always wondered how he knew exactly where he was standing. Walking out of the forest, Kurama cast a small wave at the demon guarding the portal. Kurama knew that it must be disconcerting for them to see upper level demons acknowledge them and smirked.

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