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Nichkhun who flew to LA for KBS LA KPOP Festival event seems to be accompanied by his girlfriend on his leisure time to the amusement park. Korean Updates Media believes in freedom of expression in finding reliable source for our news posted here.

We do not have to attach or provide news of where it originated.

being a bad mouth is not ok, neither saying bad things about tiffany, but when they say victoria would cry or whatever, u don't have to answer them,call them stupid or anything else, it's their opinion, i ship khun with soooooo many other ppl, but nothing would change the fact that they are dating.think that we are all hottest, and that's not right to i'm not a khuntoria shipper.

and honestly that crowd was known to be the “bad” crowd. So yeah, they are dating, and have been for awhile.Remember the January 1st bombshell shocker that Lee Seung Gi was dating Yoona?Yeah, that one still hasn’t been topped this year yet, and that romance felt like some sort of dream come true for Seung Gi who has publicly stated that Yoona was his dream girl. The second shocker is that Hyoyeon, who has been in the news this week for some negative press involving her supposedly horsing around with a male “friend” and striking him in the face and the dude then went to the police station to file a report only to then retract it and chalk it all up to good natured joking among friends.Tiffany is my bias, I dont wanna her ;get any hurts.They are braver than others,because they dare to make public their ;amour. Bless them @panita well i guess they never published it until now ?

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