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(The two have since patched things up.) Yasmien returned to showbiz in 2013 and has since made appearances in various telenovelas, including character: Hitano Hitano is a soldier whose deep yet one-sided love for Alena pushes him to kill her lover, Ybrahim, and wipe her memories so he can start a life with her.Since his role in the show, he scored one hit after another with TV shows, movies, and endorsements.As for Yasmien Kurdi, her immensely successful TV shows after earned her the title GMA Drama Princess.In 2012, she converted to her husband's Roman Catholic faith, which strained her relationship with her mother, a devout member of Iglesia Ni Cristo.His last project for the network was a supporting role in the 2014 historical miniseries, in 2015.

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Since Mark, Jennylyn has had a string of relationships with fellow actors, including Luis Manzano, Patrick Garcia (the father of her seven-year-old son), and current boyfriend, Dennis Trillo.It is no wonder that other members of Sponge Cola – Armo Armovit (lead guitar), Gosh Dilay (bass guitar), Ted Mark Cruz (drums) – approve of the pairing from the onset.“When they were dating, we would cheer him [Yael] on and be supportive every time he tends to overthink and so when they were together already we were extra supportive and when they got married, most supportive,” admits a smiling Ted, fondly called as TMac, who stood as one of the groomsmen at the couple’s 2014 wedding.The romance – the marriage – in effect becomes the culprit to some of the songs of Karylle and Sponge Cola that we hear on different music platforms.In real life, Iza starred in plenty of feature films including character: Danaya Danaya is the Sangg're guardian of the Earth gem; later, she is wrongfully exiled from their kingdom after being framed by her sister, Pirena.Diana Zubiri first began her career as a sexy star for Seiko Films, but it was her role in that cemented her place as a drama actress.

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