Is damon fizzy really dating taylor swift

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'I knew things were only going to get harder as she grew and I wanted to be the mum she needed and deserved.

This pushed me to start looking into my options.' Larina started Googling ways to lose weight and was immediately bombarded with fad diets, diet teas and tablets.

'In many cases just doing this would have a dramatic effect on their health.

In one case a guy was on every heart drug under the sun and taking big doses.'The first step I took was cutting out all the fizzy drinks and started that by drinking soda water with lemon, limes and oranges instead.'Larina then cut all sugar out of her teas and coffees, upped her water intake and took care to follow the recipes.'I started with simple recipes each week and for three months I was careful to cook only healthy meals and drink a lot of water,' she said.'Within a week I had so much more energy and within three months the acne I had cleared up, I had a glow about me and my clothes started to look too big.''When I was buying clothes before I was so scared to be a size 26 that I was using rubber bands to hold the pants I had together.'When she first started out, exercise wasn't a priority.'I recently tried on a size 14 pair of jeans and I have never fit into a size 14 in my whole entire adult life.I just stood in the change room and bawled my eyes out,' she said .

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