Invalidating stale software suspend images gentoo

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The laptop comes with a Samsung PM951 512gb, but I took the liberty of swapping it out for a Samsung SM951 512gb.The PM is a bit more of the mid-range model, while the SM is the top dog.The XPS 13’s ram is soldered in, so was never upgradable like the X240/X250’s was.

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For opening it up, the i Fixit teardown from the 9343 still matches.

I then fired up X and found it errored saying no display devices found. Luckily, beforehand I saw a link on Twitter about needing a boot parameter for the Intel graphics.

I applied the setting, reboot, and had a completely blank display.

I found a similar in the AUR, so I installed it but had no luck.

Upon rebooting, it couldn’t find the NVMe disk at all, and when I got on the rescue console, no keyboard input would work, even from USB.

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