Intimidating team sayings

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It’s like if President Trump’s next campaign hat were to just read “Donald Trump.” They even have a great slogan, “Thunder Up.” And we’re aware they changed their shirts for game 4, but they knew they were in the playoffs for long enough to get it right in game 3 and they didn’t. “It Takes Everything” comes a bit short of inspiring confidence in a team who can lose everything if they come up short. It’s not really a throwback to the Jordan era, which is smart because this team has no shot of equaling the accomplishments of those teams. Indiana Pacers — “One State” Not sure if you’ve taken note over the past few years, but Indiana has made national news for all the wrong reasons.This slogan doesn’t inspire so much as it authorizes you to accept a loss by saying... A franchise who’s highest profile moments have all involved turmoil and who has never really connected with their community now proclaiming ‘we’re all a family.’ Not buying it. It’s of course used by tons of franchises and college teams across every sport. Chicago Bulls — “See Red” You’re already the eight seed. State government ridiculously spent years waging an anti-gay campaign that cost the state tens of millions while angering the NCAA, NFL and NBA, all because a gay couple wanted to buy a wedding cake.That’s handy, since the Engineering Corps often find themselves being tasked with some of the most dangerous jobs imaginable, like disarming the vests of suicide bombers and changing the tracks of tanks that are being shot at with RPGs.The motto: motto of the Engineering Corps, but after reading what these guys do on a day-to-day basis, can anyone honestly say it doesn’t fit better than the unit’s actual motto of “Always First”?We need an answer to this question, so please get back to us soon, Isreal.Armed with everything from bulldozers to minesweeping robots named after members of the A-Team, the Combat Engineering Corps are the bigger, badder, and better-equipped brother of the Armored Corps we just talked about.

Who somewhat notably defeated them in the NBA Finals last year...The fact that the Royal Ranger Regiment’s motto is basically them screaming that the only way they’ll stop fighting is if they die is just proof that Malaysia is probably where all of the coolest dinosaurs came from.Reading about the Israeli military is like researching alternate Batman origin stories.It’s easy to Google “Defend The Land” and trace Cleveland’s relationship with it back to last year’s playoffs. Oklahoma City Thunder — “OKC Thunder” This is not here because we’re a Rockets blog and we’re playing the Thunder. Clippers -- “It Takes Everything” What takes everything?It’s here because the Thunder playoff shirt this year is just “OKC Thunder.” That’s it. The Clippers are on the verge of breaking up their All-Star trio of Paul-Griffin-Jordan, facing another devastating injury and still haven’t made the Western Conference Finals. It easily passes the “inspiring test.” Hell there’s probably a bulls fan in a Pippen jersey yelling this outside the United Center without even knowing it’s the team’s slogan this year.

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