Horsman doll dating

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Buyer's Remorse is not a valid reason for a return.We try our hardest to provide an accurate description of an item and its condition, but sometimes we don't know all the details and intricacies of the items we sell. Item belonged to the consignor when she was a child, dating the item to the 1930s.

Notable examples include "Poor Pitiful Pearl", "Cindy", "Betsy Mc Call", Numerous Ventriloquist dolls and even some cool action figures sized dolls like Angie Dickinson as "Police Woman".

An informative chapter about caring for your vinyl dolls to ensure they survive for new generations to love and collect.

Horsman Dolls by Don Jensen is a charming and colorful look at a remarkable and varied maker from the 1950s to the present day.

The dress has some wear to it - the sleeves need repair. We do not set the shipping rates for international orders.

The body has some dark marks around the waist - please see the close-up photos. We are not able to send or combine invoices for international orders.

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