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She is expected to be Super Woman with 10 arms and legs to multitask efficiently 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without rest.

It doesn’t matter if she has a full-time job and/or goes to school, her priorities are her parents-in-law and their needs.

on Thursday, then focus on traditional blessings on the first day, a custom that goes back 1,000 years, said Sara Thao, events director with the United Hmong Council in Fresno. This is the first year the two celebrations will not have overlapping dates, Thao said. HMONG CULTURAL EXPECTATIONS: The expectations of a Hmong daughter—especially a Hmong Hmong families (I stress the word “traditional” here) expect females to follow and uphold the strict gender roles.An ideal Hmong woman is silent, passive, and obedient.Fresno and Merced are behind only Sacramento for the highest population of Hmong residents in California.Charlie Vang, the executive director of the Hmong International New Year Foundation, said he hopes to see a variety of people at the celebration to try out the food, and most important, to get a taste of the culture.

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    Meeting rooms and lobbies are still adorned with Oriental rugs and chandeliers, high tea is served daily in the Palm Court and lavish weddings for the rich and famous are held in stadium-sized banquet rooms.

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