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Share a pizza—perhaps La Riccard, topped with butternut squash puree, smoked mozzarella, spicy pancetta, and basil—from the huge pizza oven in the center of the dining room.The Brooklyn views and the delicate pasta dishes might compete for your date’s attention here, but if you’re secure enough in your relationship, find a corner table close to one of Lilia’s sizable windows and order a round of Negronis.Couples can thaw by the fireplace or near the tiny open kitchen, and warm up further with one of the restaurant's 30 wines, including ports and sherries by the glass.

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Share the spicy lobster chili, served with Texas toast to soak up the broth, or the rich chicken under a brick (since it's a special occasion, splurge on the shaved black truffles for added decadence).

You’ll know you found the right place by the bright blue Fiat parked out front.

Enter through a dark winding hallway that leads to a brighter dining room painted to look like an Italian marketplace.

After being seated in mahogany booths encased in curtains, you'll be given menus and a small buzzer to summon the waiter.

Ponder the menu of Japanese small plates over a subtle jazz soundtrack and hardly any hint that other diners are huddled in their own private booths throughout the three-story restaurant.

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